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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Session 8 3-4/4/717 Tannheim #2 - Evil Dwarves

PC Groups

At Tanheim
Messoria Dorimant Tiefling Paladin-3 (Judith)
Aelar, Elf Ranger-3 (Philippe)
Ghesh, Dragonborn Warlord-2 (John)
Leleth Snow Half-Elf Blackguard-2 (Tiffany)

Mirabelle Markelhay Human Wizard-2 (Jelly)
Andraste, Eladrin Rogue-2 (Jelena)

Group attacked by two aquatic dwarf ghouls. Attack and defeat dwarf Blackhammer soldiers, then flee as an alarm gong sounds. Hole up overnight in caves.

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The Dead of Tannheim - Messoria Account
As we retreat from the Dwarven Trapmaster’s room we failed to notice that Ghesh had taken a glancing blow from falling rock until he stumbled and collapsed. For safety we take him back through the secret door to where Draco was guarding Arjhan’s body, knowing the drake would be able to guard the other dragonborn until he recovered.
Outside Tannheim Leleth finally meets up with her sister Mirabelle who has travelled to the mountain lake in company with an eladrin called Andraste. Her family had long ago owned land in the Vale and Andraste had decided to return to investigate and perhaps seek to reclaim her inheritance. Following the instructions left by Aelar they are able to enter the caves avoiding the trap of the Fire Beetle pit and they take the same route as we did, soon meeting up with Messoria and Aelar in the caves.
We spend a few minutes catching up with what everyone has been doing and hear from Andraste that various bands of raiders have been gathering under the banner of the evil Mountain King, amongst them renegade dwarves and even a group of gnolls.
With the added strength of Leleth, Mirabelle and Andraste we decide to try the sodden door we had previously avoided. After much effort we force it open and it leads to a flight of stairs going downwards. The air is warm and damp with a distinctive sulphurous tinge. The stairs descend into a room whose suspended wooden floor has collapsed into the flooded void below. At the far end of the room a small chest floats on some of the broken timbers.
Using the Everburning Torch Leleth tries to determine the depth of the water, Aelar at her side with a nocked arrow in case of ambush. Leleth has time to report that the water is about 4’ deep when grey hands reach up and pull her below the surface. As they are below the surface Aelar had not been able to see the two dwarf ghouls before they attacked.
Leleth is paralysed below the surface of the water, but she’s able to hold her breath. Before we’re able to act both Aelar and Mirabelle are immobilised by the ghouls’ attacks. Shocked by the speed of the undead attack, we nevertheless rally and, aided by Mirabelle using her magic to push the ghouls away from us, are able to manoeuvre so Messoria is able to strike at the undead using the holy light of Sehanine. Aelar’s arrows daze the ghouls and Andraste is able to take full advantage of their distraction.
Once the ghouls are finally defeated Leleth searches under the water and finds an ornate dwarf-made axe that bursts into flame on command. Andraste retrieves the chest but all that is within are the rotting heads of humans and elves.
We take a few minutes to catch our breath and then climb up the stairs at the far side of the room, Messoria in the lead. Unfortunately she fails to hear the sound of chanting from the room beyond and walks in on eight praying dwarves dressed in the colours of the fanatical Black Hammer sect. She orders them to surrender but instead they attack.
Mirabelle sets off a Fountain of Flame in the centre of the room while the rest of us close ranks against the dwarf warriors. Acting quickly Aelar is able to shower the close-packed dwarves with arrows before they can move and several fall dead, struck down by the power of the elven Great Bow. The remainder don’t last much longer but they are soon reinforced by two dwarven initiates from the adjacent Temple. We hear a gong sounding the alarm and the initiates speak of their High Priest Gimbolge before they too are defeated.
Not feeling ourselves strong enough to face the combined forces hurrying to the call of the High Priest we pull back, relying on Mirabelle’s Fountain of Flame to deter pursuers. We fort up in the caves near to where Arjhan’s body rested, using pitons to wedge the secret door into the room while keeping watch on the narrow cave leading to the river. The night passes uneventfully and we plan our next foray into Tannheim with a plan to try to find the individual bands who support the Mountain King and defeat them one at a time.

[Don't think it's really worth doing a seperate Inventory update as the only thing we found was the Flaming Dwarven Waraxe.]

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